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4 min readApr 12, 2022


Ahoy me hearties, welcome back aboard!

It’s time for another Astroverse community update. In this update, we are happy to announce two exciting game features for “Dawn of Ships.”.

Today, we want to share information about Dawn of Ships’ two exciting game mechanics: Plunder and Ambush.

Are you excited yet? Let’s go through them!


In Dawn of Ships, you get to Plunder other players. During the Plundering event, your ship will be shown to sail around the sea.

Plundering is the game’s essential activity that requires players to assemble three $SHIPS. Optionally, you are also free to assign $CREW to each $SHIP — which can help you gain a yield bonus at the end of the Plunder(more on it later).

As a player, you can Plunder three times, with each mission taking 4 hours to complete. If you are a Club Pass holder, you can increase the number of plundering missions. By Plundering, you gain GOLD and $OVIA tokens for each plundering mission.

Each plundering will cost your $SHIP durability with one reduced durability point.

In short,

  • Players require three $SHIPS for a Plundering mission.
  • Each Plundering mission takes 4 hours to complete.
  • You can Plunder three times with an increased limit for Club Pass holders.
  • You gain $OVIA and GOLD for each plundering mission.

Yield Bonus

To award players further, each plundering mission receives a Yield Bonus. So, on top of the $OVIA and GOLD reward, you get an additional Yield Bonus based on the following:

  • You get the Bonus from $CREW members.
  • Bonus for Club Pass holders.

Note: The Bonus cannot be stolen by Ambush(more on it later).

Speed Bonus

Players can also benefit by having a team’s Plundering Points(PP). The benefit is Speed Bonus which decreases the mission’s duration by 30 minutes.


The Ambush mechanic adds an interesting dynamic to the Dawn of Ships game. Here, you can start an Ambush mission to steal resources from other pirates when they’re Plundering.

Just like Plundering, Ambush also requires three $SHIPS with the option to assign 1 $Crew per $SHIP. However, Ambush takes less time than Plundering, with each Ambush taking between 1 to 2.5 hours. The variance in time required to complete an Ambush depend on whether the opponent sends reinforcement or not.

But, what’s the benefit of Ambushing?

First, you get an assured reward of $OVIA and $GOLD. Secondly, you also get an additional $OVIA and GOLD for a successful Ambush.

As for the trade-off, the $SHIP durability will be reduced by 1 for each Ambushing mission.

To summarise,

  • Ambush requires three $SHIPS.
  • One Crew can be assigned per $SHIP.
  • Ambush can take anywhere between 1 to 2.5 hours.
  • With each Ambush, you get assured $OVIA and GOLD rewards.
  • You get an additional $OVIA and GOLD for a successful Ambush.

Ambush Window

The Ambush Window is set to 1.5 hours by default. If a player starts his Plunder mission, you can Ambush it within 1.5 hours from its start time. However, the Plundering party can shorten the Ambush Window if they have a Speed Bonus.

If you fail to start your Ambush mission within 1.5 hours, the Plundering party becomes safe from any Ambush. To ensure fair gameplay, each Plundering mission can only be ambushed once.

In short,

  • Ambush Window is set to 1.5 hours by default.
  • The Plundering party is safe if you miss the initial 1.5 hours window.
  • Each Plundering mission can only be Ambushed once.


We introduce reinforcement mechanics to give each Plundering party(defender) and Ambusing party(attackers) fair play. Both parties can send up to two additional $SHIP, each paired with $CREW.

Currently, Reinforcements are a two-rounds battle.

In the first round, a defender can send their 1st reinforcement within 0.5 hours of being Ambushed under the following conditions:

  • If the defender doesn’t send any reinforcement, the attacker won’t be able to do so.
  • If the defender sends reinforcement, the attacking player can then respond with their reinforcement within 0.5 hours after the defender’s reinforcement.

The 2nd round plays are similar to that of the 1st one. It starts right after the reinforcement opportunity for the attacking player, whether they send reinforcement or not.

That’s it! This leads to the end of our community update about Dawn of Ships. However, we are excited to keep working on the game and bring new, fun mechanics updates for you. Join our Discord Channel here to keep updated, and the latest sneak peeks.



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