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5 min readMay 12, 2022


Ahoy me hearties, welcome back aboard!

Recently, we are making significant progress in our Dawn of Ships game. And that’s why we thought of sharing our progress with you.

In today’s post, we will learn more about Dawn of Ships’ core mechanics — that will keep you hooked for long periods of fantastic gaming sessions!

So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Dawn of Ships Core Loop

Here is how Dawn of Ships Core Loop works:

Core Loop

Not so clear? Well, let us explain it below.

Dawn of Ships is an idle game. But, to keep things interesting in the large scheme of things, we have kept our Core loop as enjoyable as possible.

Here, the starting element is your SHIP. It is a core component capable of doing the Plundering and Ambushing mission.

When you send your SHIP to Plundering or Ambushing mission, you spend Energy and Durability. Additionally, you can also add CREW to improve your mission stats and its chance to become successful!

Each Plundering mission gives you rewards in GOLD and $OVIA tokens. There is also Yield Bonus, a guaranteed reward for completing the Plundering mission — with an additional bonus for Club Pass holders and when using $CREW.

As you can see, SHIP has durability points that are spent during these missions. However, you can devote GOLD to durability and get them ready to join the battle!

Need new SHIPS to join your fleet? For that, we have Fusing mechanics where you can produce and mint new SHIP. The new fused SHIP starts at level 1 and can be levelled up to a max 10 level using $OVIA and GOLD — the higher the SHIP level, the max attributes it carries.

Plundering missions can be accompanied by Ambush missions — where a player can interrupt players during their Plundering mission, stealing resources! Ambushing also grants assured $OVIA and GOLD rewards with additional bonuses for successful Ambush.

If you were the Plundering player who just got Ambushed? Well, you now have the option to send Reinforcement.

Interesting, huh?

Our last Dawn of Ships update already covered Plunder and Ambush core mechanics. Check it out here: The Astroverse Club — Dawn of Ships April 2022 Update | by The Astroverse Club

Let’s summarise:

  • SHIP is the centrepiece of the Dawn of Ships game.
  • It can be fused using $OVIA and GOLD
  • The SHIP starts at level 1 and can go to max level 10. The higher the level, the better its attributes.
  • SHIP also has durability points that are spent during missions.
  • Currently, the game has two core missions: Ambush and Plunder.
  • To send SHIP on these missions, you also need to spend Energy.
  • In Plunder, you attack using SHIP and CREW to gain $OVIA and GOLD.
  • Ambush enables players to steal resources from players doing Plundering missions.
  • A Plundering player can defend his position using reinforcement — a two-round fight where both the Plundering and Ambush parties can add support.

Let’s Explore SHIP — Customizable and Collectable

As we already mentioned, SHIP is at the core of the Dawn of Ships game. Hint: It’s in the name!

And that’s why it is the most customisable part of the game. We primarily focused on giving the players complete control of their SHIP looks, feels, and stats!

So, how does it all work?

SHIP’s look and stats are influenced by two main things: Pirate’s Clan and Class.

Yes, Pirate’s CLAN — having its themes that affect the SHIP looks!

You can assign your SHIP to a Pirate Clan, which is determined by the given Class. Currently, we have six Pirate’s Clans — Blackbeard’s Buccan, Hired Guns, Deadly Deserters, The Forsaken, Broken Bones, and Galactic Ghosts.

Six Pirate’s Clans
The Forsaken clan

But, what about Class? Each Pirate’s Clan has six distinct Classes with Tank, DPS, or Support roles. Classes are essential as they determine the Ship’s Skill in battle.

Also, SHIP has three different parts from either Classes or Clans — giving each SHIP its own unique visual and stat. The components are

  • Body (include Hull, Figurehead and Cannon)
  • Main Mast
  • Foremast

Lastly, we have SHIP stats divided into

  • Base stats — determined by the assigned Clan.
  • Additional stats — are also determined by the given Clan.
  • Bonus stats — determined by the number of parts from the same Clan.

SHIPS can also have a chance to get legendary parts during fusing.

In summary,

  • SHIPS are the core part of the Dawn of Ships game.
  • It is customisable in both looks and stats.
  • The Pirate’s Clan influences the SHIP’s look and stats and its class.
  • There are six Pirate Clans in the game — Blackbeard’s Buccan, Hired Guns, Deadly Deserters, The Forsaken, Broken Bones, and Galactic Ghosts.
  • Each Pirate Clan has its theme, which influences the SHIP looks.
  • SHIP can have six distinct classes, including the roles of Tank, DPS, or Support.
  • SHIP has three parts: Body, Main Mast, and Foremast.
  • SHIP stats are divided into base stats, additional stats, and bonus stats.
  • SHIPs have a chance to get a legendary part during fusing.

That’s it! This leads to the end of our community update about Dawn of Ships. However, we are excited to keep working on the game and bring new, fun mechanics updates for you. Join our Discord Channel here to keep updated, and the latest sneak peeks.



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